Employee Training content at CineTRAIN is proven, beneficial, and COMPLETELY FREE during this time of shutdown.

 We have seen these programs increase sales by up to 30% and overall customer experience in theaters across the country.  We believe in CineTRAIN’s content so much, that we know it will increase your financial performance as well.  If you try the program and are not completely satisfied, there is no charge or commitment, but your employees will retain the valuable training.

With this offer your theater will receive full access to 25+ customizable cinema employee training modules on a cloud-based learning management platform – complete with user management, tracking & reporting – to get your theater ready quickly and efficiently for the largest re-opening in cinema history!

CINETRAINer™ Theater Registration

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Step 1. Simply register here to set up your initial account. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to review the content your theater will have access to.

Step 2. A CineTrain representative will reach out to schedule a brief (30-minute) onboarding call with you and key team members.

Step 3. Once your onboarding call is complete, the system will be rolled out to all of your locations and employees.


Feel free to reach out to at any time with questions

CINETRAIN provides premiere employee training, development & onboarding solutions for movie theaters worldwide.

Our theater-specific strategy, content, and tools can help your organization: increase employee retention & engagement, lower training & onboarding costs, standardize the customer experience, systematize theater operations, and identify & grow top performers.


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