1. Review the Important Notes below before logging in for the first time
  2. Upon logging in, please begin the Getting Started with NCG-U Course first
  3. Over the next few days, try out the available trainings for yourself and please take note of anything you’d like for us to be aware of, consider, or fix. You have the ability to send us this information from within NCG-U under Contact or you may email
  4. Once you have explored yourself, please share the general login (not your personal login) with your assistant managers, give them time during the work day over the next two weeks to review and provide their notes and feedback as well.
  5. Once you and your assistant managers have had a chance to review and provide feedback, and are comfortable navigating the platform at this stage, you can start to use the general login with new employees as they begin training. It would be best to make time for them during their first day to try the training on an NCG computer. During the next stage we will provide them unique logins to do from home.
  6. Our team will be reaching out via email or phone over the next two weeks to follow up about your experience.
  • Currently you will be accessing the Getting Started with NCG-U Course (one tutorial video) and the New Employee Onboarding course
  • New Employee Onboarding contains the following lessons as of today:- Welcome & What’s Next Video Series (2 videos, 2 more coming soon)
    – Emergency Procedures (2 interactive modules)
    – Pricing & Combos Flashcards (1 interactive module + printouts)
    – Basics of Upselling (1 interactive module + printout)
  • In the next several days and weeks we will send out update emails any time modules or resources are added or major updates are performed.
The NCG-U learning platform is still in beta stages and is actively being developed. As such, we value your input in identifying areas that could be improved from within either the content, or operation of the site based on how you and your team can most effectively utilize this content.
As with any beta environment, there are some limitations to functionality while we continue to develop. Below are some specific limitations to be aware of as you begin:
  • You might experience some slower page or site loading times during this stage. This will continue to improve throughout the beta rounds and will not be present at all when launched.
  • Some non-critical buttons may not function as expected (i.e. Learn More buttons on the home page)
  • Progress Tracking: while progress tracking within NCG-U will show up for you, it may not track completed modules as expected. This functionality is limited until we get to the next beta round where users are invited. The reason for this is because we are using shared logins for locations for this first round.
  • Mobile functionality is mostly in place, but not everything has been completely mobile optimized. Please do feel free to use and test on mobile, and please make us aware of any inconsistent experiences or issues if you come across any.
  • Please see the Change Log after you log in to check and track other functionality notes and updates. It is a good habit to check this page each time you login so that you are aware of any bugs or updates coming.
  • The most important thing to please keep in mind is that the version of this platform you are experiencing is not final. This is being shared with you early so that you can test and provide feedback, and gain value from immediately utilizing some of the training content.Please keep in mind that the customized content flow, user tracking, reporting, quizzing etc are all factors that contribute to making an LMS an invaluable tool. Those are also elements that will not be in place yet. So when reviewing, you are really reviewing the content and basic LMS operation / layout, but not reviewing this as an entire seamless experience yet (that review will come later). This can sometimes be difficult to separate but is critical to understand.
For any support questions or feedback please email

Change Log


  • Customer Experience – Neighbors module is available in General Theater Skills course.
    • Window will close if the EXIT button is selected on the last slide. This will be fixed in the next update.
    • Music and sound design are not in this current version but will be added with the next update


  • Some users may experience the browser window unintentionally closing when exiting out of a module. We are aware of this and are updating the settings to repair.
  • During this beta stage, the course project tracking will not be active or functional since the access assigned is shared logins. Progress tracking will be enabled at next beta stage when new employees will be assigned usernames.


  • “Pricing & Combos Flashcards” – downloadable flashcards all locations available as PDF downloads beneath learning window. Will be updated to only display document relevant to user


  • “Basics of Upselling” Module is functional, just missing music and sound design. Will be in place in next update.


  • “My Account” Dashboard description text is not currently customized. Will be changed in next update.
  • “Learn More” buttons on Home page are not active. Will be changed in next update.
  • No Lesson-Level or Course-Level quizzes developed, will be in place ahead of full launch.
  • “Emergency Protocol” – added PASS acronym to fire extinguisher section